New Drug May Mean That FIP is No Longer a Death Sentence for Cats

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a terrible diagnosis. Veterinarians don’t have much to offer cats with FIP other than symptomatic treatment that, at best, only keeps them comfortable for a relatively short period of time before death inevitably follows.   We may be on the verge of a big breakthrough in FIP treatment, however.   […]

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New Version of Canine Flu Now Infecting Cats

The “new” version of canine flu (H3N2) that began as a 2015 outbreak in the Chicago area is back in the news.   The latest surveillance data available through Cornell University shows that positive test results have been identified in dogs from 29 states. But even more interesting is the recent report from the University […]

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Changing the World, One Seed at a Time

I have a friend, let’s call her Jane, who recently discovered CrossFit and the ‘paleo lifestyle,’ as she refers to it. In six months she has made some significant life changes and gotten healthier and happier, and that is an amazing thing. I am happy to see it.   Less exciting to me is the […]

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Where Do the Candidates Stand on Animal Rights and Health?

The 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be a remarkable and unforgettable event. There are numerous controversial political topics being addressed, including typical “big ticket” items such as healthcare, gun control, and national security.   I raise no concern with a country that prioritizes the aforementioned matters with respect to political affiliation. However, I’m […]

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