Tonha Large Pet Heating Pad 30W|Indoor Electric Warmer for Dogs, Cats, Animals | Heated Bed, Warming Mat | Replaceable Covers, Waterproof Layer | 15.75x25.6in

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Product Description

Winter can be hard on animals as it is on humans. While pets may have fur, not all can tolerate the cold.

However, keeping pets warm is not easy. If the heater is on all the time, your bills could shoot up quickly. While lending your heating blanket sounds like a good idea, the temperature could get too hot, that's why this isn't ideal for pets.

Your best bet is to use heating pads for pets. There's a microwavable type that can be heated in minutes and can warm for hours. There's another variant that works like your electric heating blanket.

Cradle your pet in warming comfort with the Pet Heating Pad.

It has a 15.7x25.6in heating area, which is suitable for most pets. Give your pet the best comfort by choosing one of the 7 temperature levels from 75 to 135°F.

Place this pad under your pet's bed, but it's also fine to let your pet lie directly on top of this. Unlike your heating blanket, there's no danger of overheating. The heat gradually builds up within 25 minutes, and there's a thermostat inside the controller to prevent the temperature from overshooting the maximum limit.

Moreover, it is more convenient than microwavable warmers. Instead of repetitive heating, just leave the pad plugged on as needed. It operates on a low 12V, so it's perfectly safe for pets. It's also budget-friendly as it uses only 30W of electricity.

Here are more benefits for you:

✅ There's a fireproof, waterproof PVC layer that prevents wetting, fires, and other accidents.
✅ The cord is covered in chew-resistant steel.
✅ The 2 changeable fleece covers are washable, so your pet will always have a clean mat to lie on.
✅ Our item is not only for winter use. It also helps old and newborn pets that easily get chilled, and pets with arthritis.

Give your pets the warmth they need. Choose the Pet Heating Pad by clicking "Add to cart" today!

Product Specifications

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  • 🐾 COMFORTABLE & WARM - Make winters comfortable for your pet. Choose a comfy one from 7 settings, from 75-135°F This pad won't be too hot, and it can keep pets warm all night long. At 30W, it consumes little electricity. And with an ample 15.75x25.6in heating area, it's perfect for pets of many sizes.
  • 🐾 SAFE FOR YOUR PET - Our prsoduct operates on a low 12V, and there's a fuse inside the controller. To prevent pet burns, heat will slowly build up in 25 mins. To prevent fires & accidents, there's a layer of fireproof, IP67 waterproof PVC. Plus, we covered the cord & heater parts in bite-proof steel.
  • 🐾 EASILY CHANGE COVERS - This item comes with 2 soft, detachable, fleece covers. One is blue in color while the other is brown. To ensure your pet's mat is clean all the time, switch covers from time to time and have them hand-washed or machine-cleaned.
  • 🐾 IMPROVED CONTROLLER - This pet heating pad now comes with an improved temperature controller. Compared to controllers of similar pads, this one is bite-proof, sturdier, and cuter in the shape of dog paws. It also comes with a thermal protector which ensures the temperature won't go over 135°F.
  • 🐾 MULTIFUNCTIONAL GIFT FOR PET LOVERS - It's not only for cold weathers. This product is good too for senior, pregnant, new-born dogs & cats, pets with arthritis, and those recovering from illness or injury. In case you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
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Tonha Large Pet Heating Pad 30W|Indoor Electric Warmer for Dogs, Cats, Animals | Heated Bed, Warming Mat | Replaceable Covers, Waterproof Layer | 15.75x25.6in
  • 654913673181 654913673341