Abandoned Dog Has Painful 3.5 Pound Tumor Removed From Neck

What was called one of the worst cases of neglect ever seen by Arizona Humane Society has now become a story of care, recovery, and hope. 
According to a press release, in late September, a 6-year-old Boxer mix named Gus was rescued by Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians. He was found abandoned and suffering in an alley. The dog had a 3.5 pound tumor hanging from his neck that was causing him extreme discomfort and pain. 
AHS believes that Gus was, at some point, someone's pet. As Juju Kuita, an AHS animal technicians, put it: "To think that someone just tossed him out on the streets in agonizing pain and refused to get him medical treatment simply broke my heart."
Gus was taken to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where he underwent surgery to have the mass (which, after testing, was determined to be cancer-free) removed. Gus was given a second chance at life. 
"Gus has so much love," says Dr. Yasmin Martinez, who treated the now-thriving canine, "and we wanted to give him a chance at a happy life.”
That's exactly what happened. Shortly after the successful surgery, Gus was adopted into a loving new forever home to a caring pet parent in Phoenix. 
Image via Arizona Humane Society